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Offer a Solution

We make implementing a prepaid legal service plan quick and easy because we understand the importance of time.

Whether one of your employees is going through a divorce or is dealing with the frustrations of an auto accident, they will be able to obtain professional legal advice from an attorney who specializes in that area of the law.

Free Lawyers

A Group Legal Plan can be beneficial to an employer because you increase their loyalty to you by making benefits available in a world in which benefits can decrease in the workplace rather than increase.

Payment Options

The employer can decide how the plans will be paid, with options such as:

There is no cost to the employer since these plans can be paid via payroll deduction or via our direct credit processing.

Offer Options

Prepaid legal plans can be a voluntary benefit and they are simple to administer, too.  Employers can also sponsor this as a paid benefit to employees as a partial or full fringe benefit.

Easy Implementation

Group Legal Services

There are many different benefits, including:


It is important to ensure that all employees are aware of this benefit and know exactly how it works.  A quick meeting to review these details can be very beneficial to allow everyone to get their questions answered in a timely fashion.

Quick Access

If an employee is being kept from work due to a legal complication or distracted, he or she will have access to a lawyer as soon as possible.  This means the employee would be able to immediately receive legal help and advice on a particular issue.  The plans may also extend to legal issues associated with an employee’s family like spouse, children, and other dependents.